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The Vector. It's a treasure map. It's a skeleton key. It's a doomsday device. And it's in the hands of a 10-year-old girl.

The Makenzie and Skyler Adventures is a middle-grade chapter book series that follows two unlikely friends, Makenzie May and Skyler Tate, as they discover a mysterious device that sends them flying to a dangerous planet in a distant solar system, diving into a fantastic world under the ocean, and traveling back in time to the cobbled streets of 19th-century Edinburgh. Their lives are turned upside down and inside out as they uncover startling clues to their destinies.

Makenzie and Skyler face challenges and meet fears with courage, intelligence, imagination, and above all, friendship. In their travels, they confront issues relevant to contemporary readers, such as bullying, empowerment, and cultural diversity. Misfits in their run-of-the-mill suburban neighborhood, they learn that true friendship can be discovered in the most unlikely places and with the most improbable characters.

Co-authors Gigi Thibodeau and Eric Scott MacDicken are currently seeking representation and would be delighted to talk with interested agents or publishers.
Makenzie May and Skyler Tate in Makenzie May and the Starway Flyer
Makenzie and Skyler never know just where they might end up.
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