Don't forget your map of the galaxy!

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Makenzie May dreams of being an astronaut who flies to her favorite planet, Mars. But the fact is, she's a lonely girl in a new town, and the local bullies, Stewart and Clara, make sure she knows it. With school starting in just a few days, Makenzie has never felt so alone. Then she meets Skyler Tate, who has been the bullies' favorite target his whole life. Skyler convinces Makenzie to go for her Mars dream . . . with him as her co-pilot. The pair build the Starway Flyer rocket ship out of an old go-kart and parts from the Adventure Gear box in Makenzie's garage, including a mysterious brass antique that Makenzie dubs the Vector Dial.

Amazingly, the ship actually blasts off and takes them on an out-of-control journey far beyond our galaxy. They crash land on a strange and beautiful planet, where they join forces with shy new friends to face down a gang of ruthless bullies who steal the Flyer. Makenzie must face her fears to get her ship and the Vector back. Without both, she and Skyler will never see Earth again. And worse, her friends' lives, the fate of their planet, and Makenzie's own destiny hang in the balance.

Read Makenzie May and the Starway Flyer to find out!
Makenzie May and Skyler Tate in Makenzie May and the Starway Flyer
Makenzie and Skyler prepare for their next adventure.
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