Mystery on the Royal Mile...

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School bully Clara has stolen the Vector. Makenzie and Skyler chase after her, and the three accidentally end up in another time, and another place—nineteenth-century Edinburgh, Scotland, to be precise. But there is nothing precise about this trip, or how they will ever get back to their own time, and their own town.

The trio meet a dashing young Scot with a dark past whose help they'll need to navigate the gaslit city streets. Surprisingly, he may know more about Makenzie and Skyler's journeys than they could ever imagine! When he and Makenzie strike up a close friendship, Clara runs off with the Vector in a jealous fit and becomes completely lost.

With the help of their Scottish guide, Makenzie and Skyler must solve the mystery of the Invisible Invention and save Clara. As they follow the trail of clues, Makenzie learns that her destiny is tied to the secrets that the Vector holds.

It's time for Makenzie May and the Invisible Invention.
Makenzie May and the Invisible Invention
Makenzie and Skyler just never know where they might end up.
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