We're gonna need a bigger submarine!

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It's the last weekend of summer—just time enough for an adventure before school starts. Skyler is desperate to explore the ocean, while Makenzie still dreams of Mars. But with the Starway Flyer destroyed and the Vector broken, she is certain they won't be going anywhere soon. Besides, she's secretly afraid of the ocean. She doesn't even like swimming pools! When Skyler shows her that he has collected all the parts to build a submarine in his rain-soaked backyard, Makenzie sees in his eyes how much an undersea odyssey would mean to him. She agrees to help build the sub—even if it will never take them any deeper than the bottom of a mud puddle.

But the Vector is far from broken and soon reveals more of its power. As they step inside the Seadeep Sub to check for leaks, they are suddenly diving down into the depths! The sub takes them to where no human has traveled before . . . and lived to tell the tale. Lost in a maze of undersea caves, they meet Captain Humphrey Merritt, a frog-man treasure hunter who plunders sunken ships. The Captain agrees to help them get home, but Skyler suspects the soldier of fortune has other plans for Makenzie May.

Dive into adventure with Makenzie May and the Undersea Odyssey for a quest that's under this world!
Makenzie May and the Undersea Odyssey
Makenzie and Skyler explore the mysteries of the deep.
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