The Adventures continue

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They have nearly reached the bottom of the box when something catches Makenzie's eye. "Hey, look at this!" she says. "I don't remember this being in here." She reaches in and pulls out a small, very dusty wooden chest. As Skyler comes closer he sees a word carved on the front beneath a fancy brass latch.

"What does it say?"

Makenzie wipes off the thick layer of dust. "OPEN," she reads.

"That could be a trick," Skyler whispers.

  — from Makenzie May and the Starway Flyer

After their encounter in Edinburgh with the enigmatic inventor, Makenzie and Skyler have learned much more about the Vector. This device is not only a means of travel, it is the key to their very destinies.

But the Society of Erstwhile Fellows they encountered in Scotland, formerly led by the disturbed Admiral Squallson, will stop at nothing—not the ends of the Earth or two minutes past the beginning of time—to take The Vector from Makenzie May and complete the greed-fueled machinations the Society has been cultivating for centuries.

The Makenzie and Skyler Adventures are just beginning . . .
Open, and Keep Close
The brass hinges creak, but the chest opens easily, as if it has been waiting for her to find it.
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